Why I am here

The CustomMadePizzaGuy started out as the noaddedsaltguy. Sometime in 2012, I was diagnosed with liver cancer and on 6/13/2014 I had a liver transplant, (the CustomMadePizzaGuy donates $.25 of every order to GiftofHope.org). It was then my doctor suggested I lower my salt intake. I had been cooking all of my life, and realized that I'd been adding salt to everything I make. That's where the noaddedsaltguy, then the CustomMadePizzaGuy concept began. 

I thought to myself, why do I need salt in everything I eat? Well, first of all, it's a habit! How many of us instinctively grab a salt shaker when we cook? How about when we're at a restaurant and our food arrives?  

If you think about it, most, if not all, of the food we eat already has salt in it. Fast food relies on salt to make up for the processing involved. Bread, cheese, etc. are loaded with it!

Personally, I like the taste of fresh made meats and vegetables. When I add some fresh garlic and other spices, it taste great. My problem was I was so used to adding salt to everything, that I never got the chance to taste the ingredients I originally wanted. It was always the ingredients AND salt!!

That's where the noaddedsaltguy and the CustomMadePizzaGuy comes in. With the CustomMadePizzaGuy, you'll get the pizza you want, period! From crust->sauce->toppings->cheese, you can design your favorite pizza and I'll make it for you!

So, give me a try! In fact, I'll bet I can make you the best frozen pizza you've ever had!