Welcome to the CustomMadePizzaGuy! "Pom Marinato Style" Pizzas

A Better Way to Eat Frozen Pizza!

What are "Pom Marinato Style" Pizzas

As Fresh Tasting as HomeMade

CustomMadePizzaGuy's "Pom Marinato Style" Frozen Pizzas are available all over the Chicagoland Area

Who wants CustomMadePizzaGuy Pizzas?

Working parents: Are you looking for a healthier lunch/dinner option for you and your family?

Pizza lovers: Do you want your favorite pizza any time of the day or night?

College students: Are you pulling an all niter? Do you want your favorite pizza as a late night snacks while you're studying?

CustomMadePizzaGuy pizzas can solve all of those problems! The "Pom Marinato Style" approach: marinated tomatoes instead of red sauce, offer a fresher tasting and healthier option to the frozen pizza choices you're used to.

Learn more about why I make these unique frozen pizzas. If you are interested in having a fundraiser/catered event contact me with your ideas.