What is "Pom Marinato Style"

 What is Pom Marinato Style?

Simply put, it means I use marinated tomatoes instead of red sauce on my pizzas. The toppings on each of the pizzas, (sausage, S&P, Margherita, spinach), are marinated together overnight with diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, seasonings, and olive oil. They are then added to the "specially designed crust": a crust built to absorb the flavors of the toppings AND crunch when you bite into it, topped with the CustomMadePizzaGuy's blend of cheeses, frozen and delivered to your neighborhood store.
An other way to put it: my products are "Toppings Centric", meaning the focus is on the freshness of the toppings, with the crust and cheeses supporting them.
It's the unique taste of CustomMadePizzaGuy's "Pom Marinato Style" pizzas that make them different than all of the others. After all, it's "A Better Way to Eat Frozen Pizzas!"