Nutritional Values

Nutritional values
You might have noticed there are no 'Nutritional Values' listed anywhere on the website. Instead, I give the customer as much info on the product as possible. When you get the pizzas, the labels have an ingredient list taken from the manufacturer: cheese, dough and then a list of the toppings.
These ingredients are in all pizzas. They are taken from the manufacturer
 Cheese: Milk & skim milk, cultures, salt, enzymes, powdered cellulose, smoke flavor, natamycin. Dough: flour, salt, oil, yeast.
All regular crust pizzas start with about 900 calories. That includes the crust, olive oil and cheese. After that, if your a calorie counter, its up to you. For example: there's about 4 oz,(392 cal) of Italian sausage and 3-4 oz of grape tomatoes, (40 cal),  on the sausage pizza. That means you'd add 432 to 900. That's 1332 cal, (approximately) for a sausage pizza. Until I can upgrade, (i.e. get much busier!), the values will be approximated. If you're a calorie counter, once you have the basic values, (900 for the crust, etc...),it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out the rest.
Email me if you need more info. Thanks!
All ingredients are as fresh as possible. I do not use canned ANYTHING, unless that's the only way it'll work, (e.g black olives, artichoke hearts, etc.). All pizzas are prepared to order and take a day or to for delivery.